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tv   News Weekly  RT  June 22, 2014 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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the future average. day's top stories and a look back at the week's news ukrainian military and government fighters accusing each other of ignoring a declared ceasefire as more civilian lives are lost in army attacks. billions find on payments ukraine as its gas cut off this week making you're a banker is a good turn back the clock and siphon from transit pipelines. geodes sees three more iraqi cities and several border crossings as they continue a deadly offensive across the north and west of the. israeli troops media offices in the west bank including r.t.c. easing hard drives and destroying equipment amid a crackdown aimed at palestinian authority.
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four am in moscow good to have you with us as we take a look back at the week's news and give you today's headlines it's been a week of grief and trauma for civilians in east ukraine. you know like you. you could then you would not go to the meeting yet let the detroit you know you find you could get would be. you news nokia theater these. these. new was more than you see it then you had the media and you can you know what they need to upset you when you mentioned oh you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you we'll. let you get out of. the store warning we're about to show you some graphic video but the images while we've
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blurred them are key to explaining the situation the dead lying in the streets of kramatorsk body parts scattered around at least ten civilians killed many more wounded in tuesday's shelling residential areas left devastated with buildings in ruins walls are riddled with bullet holes and shattered windows hunted to get most of those up but it unless. he slipped out to be. he still it's. good to get a mortar shell hit the family's backyard killing a thirty year old mother her five year old son died a few hours later as doctors fought to save him they say they found dozens of shell fragments in his head. then you would not go to the meeting yet fled to detroit. and you could get lost or would be stuck with. these. he was more than you see a thing you need. to upset you when you. know you
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look you here thank you thank you sheikh if you are. what you cannot. see air raid alarm sounding over the city of lugansk people there forced to spend nights in bomb shelters and basements the army continues to hit the suburbs while residents flee. particular attack claim the lives of two russian journalists the video filmed by their camera man the crew's only survivor they were covering evacuation of civilians from a particularly dangerous area. support you'd see gross this self defense activist raised his hand to show refugees a safe path at this moment the first mortar shell exploded and damaged his hand our journalists stayed further away at the checkpoint and i turned my head and saw that
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the second in the third mortar shells went off exactly where they were there was a road between us between our journalists and me i could hear shells exploding all the time so they both had press written on their clothes but that didn't save them . thirty seven year old reporter igor kornel yoke was laid to rest in moscow with military honors survived by a wife and seven year old daughter sound operator anton below and will be buried next week after further tests on his body unrest in ukraine took a heavy toll on human rights human life and industry as well it's also been hit hard as a free train derailed in eastern ukraine is done at screeching after the tracks were blown up fourteen wagons hurled off the rails but none of the crew was wounded it's not clear who's responsible for this attack an urgent repairs are in. ukraine's promise president promised an investigation into the death of the russian journalist also in an attempt to ease tensions in the east president petro poroshenko announced a week long ceasefire and laid out a plan for peace this includes an amnesty for those who agree to lay down their
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arms and haven't committed severe crimes creation of a ten kilometer wide buffer zone along the border with russia changes to the constitution to guarantee the use of russian language and also suggesting devolving power to eastern regions and early local and parliamentary elections one of the plan's key points is to guarantee safety for all negotiating sides parsha himself though is not going to hold talks with leaders of the self-proclaimed republics russia's saying that before any such plan can work the fighting must stop but russian president vladimir putin says that doesn't seem to be key as intention. so she unfortunately we're seeing by way of objective observation that suggests combat hasn't really stalled we saw the active use of artillery on the ukrainian side i can't say whether it was the army or the armed groups of some right wing forces but it is happening all military action must be stopped. latest reports say a large scale government attack has begun in the city of shots here in the lugansk region because the images of an army attack carried out saturday said to have
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happened in that in that screen in east ukraine less than a kilometer from the russian border fighting driving many people from their homes in the east of the country tens of thousands of civilians forced to leave the area most of them seeking shelter in russia a lot of refugees leaving their families behind as parents try to get children to safety. is just something. to put the ball of. the wish to really do they still. have told us. to loosen ok let's put it to sleep the. gist of what you showed us does but it. really is the you could. while the crisis unfolds in the country's east the capital is in comedy there at least fifty people gathered near the russian embassy in kiev sunday shouting and to moscow slogans and throwing objects at police not the first time that's happened but
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a much milder protest than what was seen earlier in the week when pain stones and smoke bombs were thrown at the embassy and the flag torn down by use moscow of getting involved in the country's crisis. the swearing here of a group of masked men clashed with police their flag suggested they belong to an ultra nationalist movement they were also seen vandalizing a branch of the russian tanks they're. not all doom and gloom for ukraine though after all it's still got powerful friends of the u.s. vice president joe biden making it to kiev checking on his son who has taken a lead of the job at one of ukraine's top private gas companies more on the family's ties with the country still to come. and moscow cutting off gas to ukraine after negotiations over how much give should pay for supplies will bring you details. but first fighters with the extremist islamic
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state of iraq and syria group known as isis sweeping if you are rock as they try to carve out an islamic caliphate they're reportedly seizing territories north and west of the country and now in control of several border crossings with jordan and syria prompting washington to send some three hundred military advisers to help the nation stop it from plummeting into chaos i use this advance has been swift they reportedly captured three cities on sunday yet some sources say this was the result of an army's tactical withdrawal on the map you can see the two main routes the terrorists have chosen to get to their eventual intended target the capital baghdad extremist fighters left a trail of blood as they march through the country and haven't shied away from boasting about atrocities on social media these pictures from the al qaeda offshoot showing the mass execution of iraqi soldiers. to look at what's stopping the international community from lending a hand to the maliki government. washington is now pondering over how to bomb iraq in such a way as to not provoke a backlash after all the crises they are healthy strong sic terry and background
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with the militants being sunni muslims so what's your response to airstrikes just aren't the answer here with a look the whole answer but they may well be one of the options that are important to be able to stem the tide and stop the movement of people who are moving around in open convoys and trucks and turrets and people the sick caring component video walks crises is already tring traditional alliances iran wants to cooperate with the us to assist iraq's shia government washington's ally saudi arabia on the other hand warns against any foreign interference amid reports that wealthy sunni donors in saudi arabia kuwait and carter have been funding militants from the islamic state of iraq and syria the us is allied with all the gulf countries that are supporting the sunni rebels in syria that are supporting them in iraq this is an old problem and the isis militants move out of the city carrying boy in iraq which
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started after the u.s. the u.k. invasion in two thousand and three today some of the politicians who made the decision to invade are anxious to wash their hands of blame the u. case tony blair wrote we have to liberate ourselves from the notion that we have caused this we haven't the sunni extremists now control vast areas in iraq including the cities of fallujah and to create as well as mosul the second largest these cities which have been battered by the decade long war looked very different before the u.s. and u.k. invasion. in two thousand and two i was in mosul in the northern city that has been now seized by the rebels the sunni revolt at that time in two thousand to mosul and i was greeted by people in mosul they were christians they were sunni arabs shiite arabs and they were kurds they were a tapestry they were around the multination. multicultural communities of the rack at that time and they were living in peace today they are divided along sectarian
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lines because of an outside invasion washington is now divided between those who oppose any u.s. military intervention in iraq and those who say something has to be done because there. are breaks to this day officials on both sides of a planet say they don't own iraq's problems but they do want to pump the government they're pushing the militants out however many experts agree their return only a matter of time in washington i'm kind of already i think a closer look at how rocky sectarian bloodshed could reshape the political power game in the region marked there in green areas where shia muslims make up the majority well the list of predominantly sunni powers include qatar and of course the u.s. closest muslim ally in the region saudi arabia iraq currently under shiite rule and isis made up of radical sunni muslims is doing its best to try and change that and other key factor in violence is iraqi kurds who shown there are
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a force to be reckoned with their fighters repelled the jihadi advance and force them out of kirkuk taking control of the vital oil center their defense can solve things the kurds the world's largest ethnic group without a state could emerge from the conflict with their own independent country you know the country has been broken away as it is except its most officially broken when they wanted to separate oil rich a kurdish region in the north away from the main iraq that's been set up from the beginning from the ninety's the americans gave them the possibility of a semi autonomous region now all it's been running the code's have been running their own kodesh region since the ninety's. and now all they're going to do is break away from iraq once and for role and declare independence. more of the week's news to come including spain's cautious coronation as philippe the sixth is crowned protests across the country so how sturdy has
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a lot of people mulling whether the monarchy is worth keeping plus. a friendship that continues at the top washington pledging support and aid for yet another of egypt's leaders still to come analysis on how do you keep us as an ally. as the media leave us so we leave the media privacy motion see your. play your part of the visible. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politics only on our team.
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we speak your language not a day in. the program says documentaries in spanish what matters to you. a little tentative angle is stories. spanish. visit. quarter past the hour now israeli defense forces raided artie's office in the west bank destroying equipment and confiscating records as a syria part of a series of similar idea for aids on media centers and a military campaign against palestinian authorities who israeli hughes's of kidnapping three israeli students artie's paulus lee reports. his offices that are
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situated in the building of the service provider pile media in the west bank city of ramallah have been raided in that raid r.t. studio was damaged our internet signal was lost the archives of both video and order material have disappeared and at the same time often each has been destroyed the doors have been ruined computers and disks have been confiscated all of this has resulted in a conversation between us and the idea if we we are asked them what was all of this about now they responded initially by saying nothing the raid was against the al aqsa channel now we then pointed out that that was actually housed in another building to which the idea for spondon a well in that case the raid was against out could stevie our follow up question then was so why have you confiscated r t arabic equipment which the i.d.f. responded that they had to since the operation targeted the whole complex now these confiscations form part of what is being called operation brothers keeper it is an
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operation that is intended to risk youth three israeli teenagers who were kidnapped some ten days ago by him us the dip he hid of r.t. arabic has said that the i.d.f. never acts without any kind of documentation that proves that whoever it is raiding is in fact affiliated with terrorists but when he asked where there was proof that r.t. in fact was affiliated with any party that proof was very short in coming i can tell him now where is the intelligence that you've got to prove that r.t. was somehow or any related to any political movement the i.d.f. has said that if after the examination of the discs and equipment that it has confiscated it is clear that there is no terror related content in the equipment will be returned to r.t. arabic israeli troops shot dead two palestinians bringing the number of deaths to four since the start of a crackdown on hamas the week also saw three hundred palestinian suspects arrested
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. in connection with the student's abduction gideon levy a reporter for the israelis paper horowitz thinks the idea of separation has gone beyond its stated aim of finding the missing teenagers i seeing that disappear ation went out of propulsion long time ago and your office the radio and your office is just an example also of very very wide scale operation which has nothing to do with the fate of this three kidnapped youngsters as israel takes advantage. again not the first time to smash the hamas and any see which smears hamas or looks like hamas always connected directly or indirectly was come us is becoming a victim brute searching and confiscating it's even your own feces one of those victims after refusing to pay its energy bill for six
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months he has natural gas supply was shut off this week let's take a look back at how things got to this point ukraine currently owes russia more than four billion dollars after stopping payments in november while russia wanted when it said its final deadline was at least half the cash ukraine's problems seem to be the price russia wanted to set have happy neither with the current price nor the one offered by moscow in fact it insists on a price it calls a market one but which would also be one of europe's lowest kiev looking to pay only half of what some european nations pay even the e.u. is called russia's final offer of three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters a reasonable one not so for ukraine which refused to budge on the amount we sought opinion from several analysts. hootenanny and actually miller could stand on their heads and spit wooden liberals till the cows come home and it wouldn't change the situation and i think the negotiating tactics and ukrainian government. are simply designed to make someone crazy in moscow you appear to compromise you appeared to
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be reasonable and suddenly everything collapses this isn't going to help ordinary ukrainian people it's creating enormous economic instability and uncertainty a deal would have signaled a step towards normalization of relations with russia which of course is ukraine's by far the largest trading partner so really a deal within the ordinary ukrainian people's interest and i don't really understand why hasn't gone through what happens now is you know that russia makes the choice and it's not the choice between you know more losing more money or being the bad guy switch off the gas go to a prepaid system in some. respects much more than this starting to do that an automobile. as of this week the only guys rush is sitting through ukraine's prime pipes is that which has been bought by europe but given past experience the e.u. is still nervous to remind you in two thousand and six moscow cut gas supplies to europe it made claims ukraine was siphoning huge amounts of amounts from pipes through the country taps were later turned back on there was another so-called gas
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war three years later when ukrainian supplies were reduced and it began taking more gas in slovakia a state of emergency was introduced in bulgaria a number of factories had to close public services were also badly affected russia promises to keep the e.u.'s gas flowing despite differences with ukraine gives ability to guarantee transit though is in doubt a day after its gas was cut off an explosion struck a segment of a pipeline to europe in this video footage of the incident you can see interior minister of ukraine says the explosion was likely the result of a terror attack fortunately the blast happened in a secluded area away from any people for an hour if you will has been switched to or is there a pipeline in europe is getting its gas in full political scientist material he thinks the leak thinks at the very least the explosion is a blow to the country's reputation of you know quite the contrary the. norm or a state that's rather a kind of failed state does the control it's tearing through just on able to
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guarantee not only the lives of its own citizens about. the economic safety. and that physical same skills. business going on there so this is one of the very many examples he have also has family ties it can rely on the son of u.s. vice president joe biden serves on the board of directors of ukraine's largest private gas company his father went to kiev on sunday for the second time in as many months paul scott reports. whether it's secretary of state john kerry laying flowers his assistant victoria nuland handing out cookies. senator john mccain offering support from a down protest at sarah is what you i mean america's presence in ukraine has been visible since the crisis began late last year and presence is only growing as u.s.
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vice president joe biden again visits kiev his son hunter is settling into his new job on the board of ukraine's largest private gas provider certainly one of the reasons provides president biden might be going personally would be to ensure that he's cast interests are secured for for his son washington officials arrived full of praise for the new kiev government despite its crackdown in the east saying represents the will of the people america claims its came for the people to be heard and the no country should interfere with the affairs of another day sen john mccain talking to me in kiev in december need to make it clear. to the russian government anywhere near putin that interference in the affairs of ukraine is not acceptable to the united states of america or to any other free country in the world ok the message is clear but critics argue the presence of the vice president's son on the board of a prominent gas company but continuing for
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a session of u.s. officials in and out of kiev and the promise of financial and military aid represents its own form of interference which only prolongs the conflict in the country and let us not forget that the western leaders also supported the overthrow of the attic of its government and what that that were so what they supported is more really instability and i've read so this was. their support really means nothing to the internal card for. it's going to continue as we see it so against the backdrop of unrest in the east and continuing talk of sanctions and threats against russia vice president joe biden becomes the latest u.s. official to touch down carefully making sure he doesn't cross the line from support to interference. website running a special section dedicated to the ukraine crisis with months worth of archives if you're in the mood to get up for your expert analysis but are.
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spain's new king crowned thursday philippe the sixth takes over from his father juan carlos who abdicated the throne but not all spaniards are celebrating there were anti-monarchy protests nationwide even in the center of the capital where security was heightened for the loci coronation three police officers injured during clashes in madrid seven activists arrested though they were quickly released thousands of people also marched in barcelona waving banners against the monarchy and calling for greater autonomy for the catalonia region know what somebody experts had to say about the anger across the region. the carlists was very charismatic and funny he was close to the people however if you leave is more of a function the reason and this might be a problem for the more keys there are too many expectations that he's going to arrange a number of crises economic problems and his not to show he's only a king but without a political role and we do not expect. actually any of the boy's
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family we need to understand that that we are. god knows he's a king that has constantly denying that the spanish has been imposing all we want and that what a majority that's not only are these two fold in the night of november. that's not only. the former king's abdication marks the end of a colorful reign as a gifted sailor juan carlos competed in the one thousand nine hundred two olympics after a military coup in the eighty's he went on t.v. in full army regalia and ordered the troops back to base but a low point came when he was pictured on a luxurious african safari two years ago was thousands of supporters of spaniards were losing their jobs he also favored motorbikes and is thought to have rode through the country in cognito helping stranded people one of his most memorable moments though was when he told the late venezuelan president hugo chavez to shut up when they were both attending a summit together take
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a look. i don't think i want. the outgoing king not only raised a few eyebrows other elder european royals found their comments catapulted them into the headlines the u.k.'s duke of edinburgh famously told british students in china that they risked looking like locals if they stayed too long in the country and the current king of sweden criticised some media for his party lifestyle tried defending himself to the press saying there is a broad definition of sex and strip clubs political analyst may go on show morocco has his own reasons for why spain's royals have seen their popularity drop. it was very popular indeed but it has to be said that he was sure that all from criticism in the media there was a so to speak a tacit call of an end to the spanish media have it to criticize them or not there was a lot of value they should and i've had a long time proved to be dishonest because once stories began to appear about him
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in the press of the match the idea that say was so different from the rich that people were more disappointed that they would have been so the recent off he's full of popularity in the recent years. take a look now at some other stories making global headlines ethnic albanians clashed with security forces in kosovo leaving six police and ten civilians injured violence broke out in the northern city of new tributes where hundreds of several hundred albanians who are older rocks and burned cars angry at serb plans to build a so-called peace park in the city five people arrested after police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters. israel says it's carried out air strikes against nine targets in syria including a military headquarters is in response to a mortar attack on the golan heights by the syrian government that killed a thirteen year old israeli the boy died when a car carrying civilian contractors working for israel's defense ministry was at least three others including the boy's father were also injured
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a recap of the stories that shape the week after a short break stay with us on our. some people say freedom isn't free and they're right in fact freedom may only cost the price of a bottle of water or an old t.-shirt fan celebrating the recent victory of the l.a. kings notice that they were not alone what was believed to be a police drone was flying over them filming them either out of moral contempt for
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drones or just for the hell of it the crowd began to throw random objects at it until it was brought down i think this event makes two very big points firstly a lot of the surveillance state is not that hard to stop i mean there are satellite photos being taken of us all the time and n.s.a. spying on the communications but any camera or other device than throwing distance of a brick is at the mercy of us the ninety nine percent and secondly generally if a crowd of people does something few ever get punished i mean if this drone was actually a police drone would they try to lock up the entire crowd for breaking it no they wouldn't and they couldn't for some reason if one person commits an act of civil disobedience they are in ford but if a crowd does it they generally get away with it so if you're going to defend your right to privacy from drones bring fifty guys with you and everything will work out just fine but that's just my opinion. choose your language.


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